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18 July 2005 @ 01:21 am
Hello everyone! Today begins our very first challenge. Now I hope you all read the rules in the post before or on the user info. All icons must contain at least two words of the lyrics post. The icon can be any image you want as long as it's death note. You can do whatever you want to it as long as it has the lyrics on it.

You have until Friday night at 12am (midnight) to have your icons in. If there are less than 6 icons then the challenge will be extended to the next week.

Now on to the challenge!

Before The DawnCollapse )

Comment on this post with your submission. All comments will be screened. You may submit up to 2 icons only. Please use the following format.

Icon URL

Please refere to the rules for an example.

We are still in need of banner makers. If anyone would like the job, please let me know. So until we get some people to do them, I will be making them for the winners. So forgive me if they are not the best. lol. Enjoy!
09 July 2005 @ 12:45 pm
Welcome! This community is a lyrical icon contest for the popular manga Death Note. Anyone can join and anyone can vote. Here are the rules, though simple as they are you must abide by them.

1. Post only two entries for each challenge.

2. The entry must have all needed details from the challenge.

3. All entries must be 100x100 unless otherwise specified

4. The icon must have at least two words from the lyrics.

5. This is how you should post your entry:

user: hitzusin
url: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a300/iconstuff/others/dnc_sample.jpg

If you can do these three simple things, then join and post your icons!

6. All entries must be posted as a comment to the challenge thread. All comments will be screened.

7. There must be at least 6 entries for the contest to continue. If there are less than 6 then the challenge will extend an extra week to allow more participants.

8. All challenges will run Monday - Thursday at 12am (midnight). Voting will run Friday - Saturday at 12am (midnight) and winners will be announced Sunday night at 8pm CST unless otherwise specified (i.e. I go out of town or my comp dies).

Banner makers needed.

Now before we begin the first challenge, the community needs some people who are willing to make banners for the winners. Banners must be finished before the next challenge ends, somewhere around the following Wednesday would be best. So once the winners are announced on Sunday, the banner maker for that week has until Wednesday to send in the banners. If the banner maker fails to do so then I will select another banner maker to finish the job. It would be benificial to both the maker, the community and the winners if you were devoted enough to get them in on time. Banner makers can submit their banners as a comment to the winners post since comments will be screened.

I know it all sounds tough and difficult, but once things get going it'll be a piece of cake.

(please iggy the first 3 posts. Those will be updated once the first challenge is over. Think of them as a log of the previous challenges/winners/banners so I can keep track. They will be unfriended once the challenges start up. Thanks.)